Note: ADP RUN is a beta feature.

What is ADP RUN?

ADP RUN is a cloud-based solution designed to meet the payroll needs of a small business. This simple and intuitive payroll platform makes paying and managing your staff easier and faster.

With Zenoti - ADP RUN integration, you can post payroll data from Zenoti and view ADP payroll reports right in Zenoti.

To learn more about ADP RUN, read the article.
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To integrate Zenoti with ADP RUN, ensure that your business meets the following requirements:

  • Active Subscription: You must have an active ADP RUN subscription for each of your centers.

  • Single Account: A single location (center), must have a single ADP RUN account. For example, if there are 5 locations (centers) in an organization, each of the center must have a unique and active ADP RUN subscription.

To use ADP RUN integration for your business:

  1. Configure ADP RUN for each center: Configure the payroll integration for your center and complete the steps in the wizard.

  2. Subscribe to ADP Connector: Ensure you connect to the ADP Connector in the ADP Marketplace.
    Note: You must log in to the ADP Marketplace before you proceed with this step.

  3. Verify the authorization: Authorize Zenoti with your ADP RUN credentials.

  4. Map payroll codes: Map ADP RUN payroll codes with the commission types in Zenoti.

  5. Map employees: Do a manual mapping of the employees present in Zenoti with the data in ADP RUN.

After you complete the setup, you can post payroll data to ADP RUN.

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