As an administrator, you can search more effectively on the following pages:

  • Admin > Resources > Services > Manage Services

  • Admin > Resources > Products > Manage Products

  • Admin > Resources > Packages > Manage Packages

  • ​Marketing ​​> ​Memberships ​​> ​Memberships ​​(Manage Memberships)​

On each of these pages, after you search and navigate to the details page, you can navigate back to the search page where the parameters and results are retained.


On the Manage Services page, when you enter a service name in the search text box and click Search, all services whose names contain that word are displayed.

On this page, click the Back To Search button to navigate back to the search page. To reset the search criteria and view the list of services, click the Clear Search hyperlink.

Note: This button is available on the details page only when you access the details page on clicking a resource name from the search results.

When you navigate back to the search page using the browser Back button, the search results are retained. However, the results are not retained when you navigate back to the search page using breadcrumbs.

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