Zenoti Webstore V2 allows your students to book classes, workshops, and even purchase memberships, packages, and gift cards online. The Webstore is a convenient interface that offers your students a chance to keep track of your new classes, workshops, and products.

As a user with the Owner role, you can set up and customize Webstore V2 to suit your businesses’ requirements.

To customize Webstore settings for Classes and Workshops

  1. At the organization level, click Admin.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Click Online Booking.

  4. Select the Webstore V1 template.

  5. Expand the Online Booking section.

  6. Configure the following settings:

    • Class Schedule Update Time – Displays the classes available for booking for the next day, according to the time mentioned in this field.

    • Classes Online Booking - Allows students to book for “n” days in the future.

    • Schedules after booking days

      1. Show the Schedules : Displays classes without the Book Now button after the configured booking days

      2. Do not show the schedules : No classes are displayed after the days mentioned.

        Note : If the Online Booking day is ‘0' or 'Null’, it means Infinity so the classes would be displayed without any restrictions on the future days.

    • Check for expiration date of package/membership for online booking: Allows you to check the expiration date of packages or memberships purchased by the guest and ensure that only those guests who have a package or membership that will be active at the time of the class can book classes online.

    • Show ___ days of classes on each date : Allows you to set the number of days a student can see on the calendar for each date. For example if you enter 90, the guest will be able to see 90 days in the calendar.

      • At the time of booking

      • At the time of class

  7. Click Save.


You can configure whether you want to allow recurring classes and make credit card details mandatory for registration. To do these:

  1. Close the Online Booking section, and then expand the General section.

  2. In the Snippet For Google Analytics box, search for the following strings in the snippet:

    var enableMultipleRegistrationsOnWebStore = false;
    var checkForCardOnFile = false;
  3. To enable recurring classes, change the value of var enableMultipleRegistrationsOnWebStore to true

  4. To make credit card a mandatory field when a student registers, change the value of var checkForCardOnFile to true.

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