Front desk staff can now provide a personalized student experience using guest alerts in the roster view, during check-in, enrollment, and payment, as a means of internal communication.

Permissions required: By default, the manager role has permission to enter guest notes. Permission can be added to other roles if required.

To enter and enable guest notes to pop up as alerts

  1. Navigate to the Student Profile.

  2. In the Notes tab, enter notes related to the student.

  3. Select all or any of the below options:

    • Show on opening Guest History: Select if you want critical alerts to show on opening the Guest Profile screen.

      Example: Student is recovering from an ankle injury.

    • Show during check-in: Select if you want the alert to show on roster view when the front desk staff checks in a student.

      Example: Student prefers a hot beverage on arrival

    • Show when booking an appointment: Select if you want the alert to show on roster view when enrolling a student for a class or workshop.

      Example: Expressed interest in teacher trainings. Follow up.

    • Show when taking payment: Select if you want the alert to show when you take payment for the guest from the roster view. Example: Student is a member

    • Private: Select if you wish to restrict this alert to only managers and front-desk staff - this alert will not be visible to the instructor. You can see this option only if you have the required role permissions.

  4. Click Add.

The note is now added in the Notes section.

With the required permission (by default, the manager role has permission), you can delete the note.


Use the filter to locate a student note by the Note Type easily - for example, you can quickly look up the Booking Alerts for a guest. This is especially helpful if you use Guest Notes heavily for internal communications.

Depending on the configuration, you can now view the alert that you added each time you access the guest profile.

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