If a discount campaign with two different services or products, is applied on an invoice, the discount is applicable to both the services and products. If one of the items in the invoice is eligible for more discount, you can remove the discount from that item by clicking the Remove option and then apply the other discount.

Important: You can apply multiple campaigns on an invoice, only if the Multiple campaigns can be applied on option is enabled.


Let's say that your center offers a Flat 20% Off discount on all Hair Treatment services. If you add Hair Color service and Hair Shampoo service, then the discount is applicable to both the services. But, if your center is promoting a hair shampoo, and you have a better discount of Flat 50% Off, then you can remove the Flat 20% Off discount applied on the Hair Shampoo service and apply the Flat 50% Off discount.

Note: By default, the Remove option is available for all types of discounts.

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