Businesses can have multiple domains to send business emails to guests. Labelling the domain with a simple and easy-to-remember name, really helps guests identify the sender of the email.

Important: For marketing, transactional, and OTP emails, Zenoti will check the configuration first at the center level, if there's no configuration at the center level, then it checks for configuration at the organizational level, and if there's no configuration even at the organizational level, then these emails are sent from the default sender name and sender email:


Before you begin, ensure that you've purchased the domains for your business.

To set up and configure domain names and emails for marketing, transactional, and OTP emails

  1. At the organizational level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Click the Customize outgoing email addresses link.

The Domain Verification window opens.

4. Click Verify Domain.

Follow these steps in the wizard:

Step 1: Create a domain.

Step 2: Install & Verify DNS Records

  • Install Myself
    a. For each CNAME, copy the Host and Points To details and paste them to the hosting site.
    b. Click Verify.
    The DNS records are verified.

  • Send To A Coworker
    a. In the To box, enter the email address of your colleague who can help you install the DNS records outside Zenoti.

    b. Click Send Email.
    An email is sent from SendGrid to your colleague with the DNS records details.

c. Click View DNS Records & Instructions.
Your colleague is redirected to the SendGrid website.

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Refer to SendGrid's documentation for troubleshooting of sender authentication.

Step 3: Configure settings for outgoing emails

After the DNS records are verified, you must configure the sender name and email for marketing, transactional, and OTP emails.

a. To allow centers to reconfigure the sender names and sender emails, select the Allow center to override the sender email settings checkbox.

b. Click Save.

You've successfully configured sender names and sender emails for your business.

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