Advantages of setting up the Facebook book now button from Facebook

  • You can configure all the centers you own from the same tab.

  • You can configure the Book now button from your phone.

  • If you own multiple centers, you can see which all centers have configured the Book now button.

Permissions required to configure the book now button

  • At the organization level, you must have the role of an administrator.

  • At the center level, you must have the role of manager

    Note: If you have the role of the manager in 10 centers out of 100 centers, you can only configure the Book Now button for the 10 centers you manage.

To set up a book now button on Facebook and Instagram from Facebook

  1. Go to your business's Facebook page and click Create action button.

    Note: In the desktop version of Facebook, the button is called Add a button.

  2. Select Book now and click Link another tool.

  3. Select Zenoti.

  4. To connect Zenoti to Facebook, click Continue.

  5. Enter your Zenoti account name and click Continue.

  6. Enter your Zenoti login and password.

  7. Depending on your security permissions, perform the steps below:

    1. To add the Book now button on the Facebook page for a center, under the Centers tab, next to the center you want to configure the Book now button, click Configure.

    2. To add the Book now button on the Facebook page for the organization, under the Organization tab, click Configure.

  8. To confirm your identity, click Continue as <your name>.

  9. To choose your Business Manager to manage business assets (such as Facebook Page, Pixel, and Catalog), select a business manager account from the list, and click Continue.

    Here, if the options are disabled, you can create a new Business manager.

    Do this:

    Click Create new, enter the name of the new account, and click Continue.

  10. Similarly, select your ad account and Pixel account.

  11. Review the Business Manager, Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Ad Account, and Meta Pixel you selected and click Continue.

  12. To view the Book now button, click View page.

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