You can enable partial audit (cycle count) for selected products and perform multiple partial audits without having to wait for a reconciliation. When this feature is enabled, the value calculation method in the Current Stock Report (v2) changes to perpetual average method. You do not need a full audit every time and you can submit multiple partial audits. Reconciliation, though, would be done for all open audits in one step.

To enable this, configure the Admin settings mentioned here.

Submitting few products for audit

  1. Click the Inventory icon from the main menu and navigate to one of the following:
    - Stock Levels > Retail > Audit
    - Stock Levels > Consumables > Audit

    By default, only products that can be audited are displayed. You can change the view by selecting from the drop-down list. If you select All, products in Awaiting Reconciliation status are disabled for selection in the list.

  2. For products you wish to submit for audit, enter the ON-HAND QTY.
    Note: If you have signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, you will see QTY IN STORES and QTY ON FLOOR instead of ON-HAND QTY.

  3. In the 'Auditing Options' section, select the Submit only above products option.

  4. Click Submit Audit.

  5. A pop up window displays the summary of your selection. Click Save and Submit.
    You have successfully submitted a few products for audit.

For more information on Audit, see Submit Stock Count or Audit.

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