If you set up the integration through Zenoti, you can configure the Book Now button through Zenoti without accessing your Facebook or Instagram pages.

When should you set up the Book Now button from Zenoti Organization level?

  • If your business has only one Facebook page for the whole of the business. This way, guests can select a center of their choice.

  • If your business has a main page and all franchisees have their own Facebook pages.


    • If you configure the Book Now button at the organization level, and your center has a different Facebook or Instagram page, you can still configure Book Now for the center.

    • You can only configure Book Now button only once per center and organization.

To set up through Zenoti (Organization level)

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Go to the Online Booking tab.

  4. Select Webstore V2 template.

  5. Expand the Integrations section.

  6. Select Facebook.

  7. Click Configure Book Now Button.

    A pop-up appears, where you can configure whether you want to display a pop-up of the center selection. Based on this setting, guests will either see or a center selection pop up or the default center will be automatically selected and the guest will not see the pop-up on the Webstore.

  8. Click Yes or No according to your choice.

  9. If you are already logged into Facebook, click Continue as <Name>. Click Log in to another account if you wish to connect to a different account.

  10. Click Continue to connect Zenoti to Facebook.

  11. Choose your Business Manager account to manage business assets such as Facebook Page, Pixel, and Catalog.

  12. Click Continue.

  13. Choose the Facebook page you want to connect to your Webstore and click Continue.

  14. To add the Book Now button to your business's Instagram page, choose the Instagram business profile and click Continue.

  15. Choose the ad account for your business and click Continue.

  16. Choose the Meta Pixel (also known as Facebook Pixel) to use data from the Pixel to analyze guests’ booking patterns on your Webstore.

  17. Click Continue.

  18. Review the Business Manager, Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Ad Account, and Meta Pixel you selected. Click Continue.

  19. To give Zenoti permission to manage the business extension, click Next.

    You’re all set and a Book Now button is added to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. The Book Now button redirects the users to your Webstore for easy bookings.

  20. Go into your Business Manager account, select Zenoti, click Manage, and verify that the Page action button is turned on.

    You can also reach the Connection settings page by clicking the Edit Book Now button, and then clicking Edit button.

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