By January 31, 2022, apps in the App Store that need users to create accounts must also provide an option to delete accounts. To comply with this regulation, the Guest Profile of the CMA now has a Delete Account option. This helps users to initiate the process of deleting their accounts.

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When a guest clicks the Delete Account button, the app will display your Guest Account Deletion Policy, letting the guest know how they can reach out to your customer support team (through email or phone helpline) to delete their account.

To edit the Guest Account Deletion policy on the CMA

  1. At the organization level click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations

  3. Click Online Booking.

  4. Select the CMA template.

  5. Click the Labels section.

  6. Scroll down to locate the Guest Account Deletion Policy setting.

  7. Enter the text for your guest account deletion policy in the text box, or edit the text if you already have a policy.

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  8. Click Publish.

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