This tab provides insights on discounts, bundled sales, referred guests, and feedback fill rates.

The Guest Engagement Index is a performance indicator and is the average of all indexes on this tab. It is evaluated against all metrics, with your flagship store, for the selected time period.

Each of the following metrics have charts depicting the cumulative number, trend over time, and comparison across stores.




Ratio of discount value to the total sale value.



Ratio of closed invoices that had a combination of products and services, against total closed invoices.

Example: In a period of 30 days, a total of 100 invoices were closed. Out of these, 63 had both products and services on the invoice. So, the Bundle Sales percentage is 63%.


fill rate

Ratio of service visits that have feedback submitted to the total number of serviced invoices.



Percentage of new guests referred by existing guests, to the total number of new guests.

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