When you enable request-based bookings, guests can choose:

  • Specific service (or multiple services)

  • Suitable time slots

  • A specific provider or the first available provider

Your front-desk staff can confirm, modify, or decline requests. Guests receive notifications when front-desk staff confirms or declines their requests.

Note: For guests to receive notification, you must enable the following notifications at the organization level:

  • Appointment Confirmation – Online Booking

To request an appointment on the Webstore V2

A guest takes the following actions.

  1. Navigate to the Webstore V2 either from your website or by the URL. For example, the Webstore URL can be www.<orgname>.zenoti.com/webstoreNew.

  2. Log in to the Webstore V2 using the username and password.

    Note: The guest must log in to the Webstore V2 to request an appointment. The Webstore home page reloads after you sign in.

  3. Click Change Centers to select the center of your choice.

  4. Select a service.

    You can take any of the following actions to select a service:

    • Search for the service from the search bar.

    • Select a category from the Category drop-down list and view all the services for the selected category.

    • Select any of the services listed on the home page.

  5. Select a provider.

    You can choose any of the following:

    • Any Provider

    • Any Male Provider

    • Any Female Provider

    • Specific Provider

    Note: If your business calls your employees Providers or Technicians, you can configure the labels for employees. Learn how

    The Add More Services button and the Select Date and Time (calendar) appear.

    Note: You can request for any specific provider for any time slot. While requesting, the availability of the provider for the time is not considered. The front-desk staff will check the availability of the time slot and the provider before confirming.

  6. (Optional) Click Add More Services and then repeat steps 4 to 6.

  7. Select an available date and then select the time for your appointment.

  8. Click Request Appointment.

    Note: Button name may vary depending on your organization level setting.

    The Confirm Request page appears.

  9. Review the booking dates and price and click Request Appointment.

    Note: You can also add a note to the providers to inform them about your specific products or services preferences. For example, you can specify a type of hair shampoo to be used or specify that you prefer hot water or cold water during the hair wash.

    The request confirmation page appears.


    • At this stage, only the request has been confirmed. The business has to check the availability of the provider and the time slot and then confirm your appointment.

    • After the business confirms your appointment, you will get a notification from them listing the date, time, and service.

      Note: You will not receive notifications when you create a request or when your request gets declined.

  10. [Optional] Click Request Again, and then navigate to the Services page to request another service.

    Note: When you already have an existing (confirmed) appointment, and if you request another appointment on the same day, Webstore V2 will display a prompt informing you that you already have an existing appointment on the same day. You must confirm whether you'd like to proceed. This prompt does not appear when you request multiple services on the same day.

To reschedule, request again, or cancel a request

A guest takes the following actions:

  1. Navigate to the Webstore V2 by opening the URL.
    The Webstore home page appears.

  2. Click Sign In.
    The Sign In or Create Account page opens.

  3. Enter your email id.
    If the email id is new, Sign Up page opens. If the email id is on file, then Password field appears. The Services page appears after the guest signs up or logs in.

  4. Click the guest profile icon.
    The guest profile opens.

  5. Click the Appointments tab to view Requests, Upcoming Appointments, and Past Appointments.

  6. On the Requests tab, you can:

    • View the request details, such as date, time, service, and selected therapist

    • View the request status

    • Reschedule the request

    • Request the same services again

    • Cancel the request

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