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This API returns the added pre-requisites and finishing services information of an appointment.

Fetch only service details of a center.

Fetch service details of a center with pre-requisite and finishing services.

API Document

Get the waitlist of guests for a center

The response did not contain “servicedid” for a default service in Queue.

The response will contain “servicedid” for a default service in Queue.



The therapist API should also include the parameter “CheckAvailableTherapistsWaitTime”.

API did not include “AvailableTherapistsStartTimeInCenter” object in response.

API will now include “AvailableTherapistsStartTimeInCenter” object since we are adding the parameter “CheckAvailableTherapistsWaitTime” in the API



For this API, in the “MapWaittimeObject”, wait time message should return labels like Closed, Opens At, and other labels.

At present we are getting details like Center Start Time and Center End Time, as general start and end time configured but not the Online Start Time and End Time.



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