Your organization can opt for request-based bookings or continue with direct bookings. If your business wants the front-desk staff to review appointments before confirming bookings, you must enable request-based booking.


  • Only organizations for which the Webstore v2 only setting is enabled can enable request-based booking. If you are unable to view the request-based booking setting, contact Zenoti Support to enable Webstore v2 only.

  • Once you switch on the request-based bookings setting for the organization, it will impact all the services in all the centers of the organization. You cannot switch off the setting for specific services or centers.

If you enable request-based bookings, guests can choose:

  • Specific service (or multiple services)

  • Suitable time slots

  • A specific provider or the first available provider

Your front-desk staff can confirm, modify, or decline requests.

To enable request-based online bookings

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > Webstore V2 template > Appointment Booking Flow section.

  2. Switch ON the Enable request mode setting.

    Important: This action switches off the following settings:

  3. Click Publish.

    You have now enabled request mode for online booking.

To configure the label of the request mode button

Your organization may want to call the button that guests use to request appointments by another name. For instance, you may want to call the button Request Booking, instead of Request Appointment.

  1. Navigate to Organization level > Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > Webstore V2 template > Labels and Text Configuration section.

  2. Scroll down to Request Mode.

  3. Make the necessary updates in the following boxes:

    Request Appointment Button Label:

    Example: Request booking

    Request Again Button Label

    Example: Request Again

  4. Click Publish.

    The updated name of the button appears when guests make bookings online.

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