• Front-desk staff can change the expiration of a package from the Packages tab of guest profile.

  • Zenoti's Appointment Book visual refresh is available across the Guest Profile tabs and the Booking Wizard.

  • The front-desk staff can manually reduce loyalty balance by adding negative points.

  • Update guest’s preferred language from the Guest profile (General tab > Preferences).

  • Apply or remove a discount campaign at an item level when the campaign is applicable to all the items in an invoice.


  • For businesses with queue-based booking, guests can now use the new Queue app to check-in/add themselves to waitlist. With the new Queue app, guests can check-in for themselves, on behalf of someone else, or for a group, using their desktop or mobile phone. They can also find open salons and corresponding wait times near them, and even get stylist specific wait-times.

  • Front-desk staff can see a summary of clients awaiting services and those in progress, along with the estimated time and the time elapsed since the service began.

  • Front-desk staff now have a quicker way to access No-shows by clicking the No Show List.

  • Front-desk staff can add new or existing guests directly to the queue by clicking Walk-in.

  • With estimated wait time, front-desk staff can see how long it will take for a provider to become available.

  • Front-desk staff can change a guest's service by clicking its name, giving guests the ability to upgrade or change services while being served.

  • Businesses can choose whether a guest is required to enter a service when being added to queue. Learn more


  • As an admin, you can enable a setting that allows a guest to create a booking without selecting a service.

  • With estimated wait times, guests can check the wait time for stylists before selecting one.

  • The waitlist now shows guests their check-in status, the therapist they selected, and the estimated wait time.

Accounting Integration


  • Get a snapshot of a business’s performance on a daily and weekly basis using the new v2 report, Salon Summary. Learn more

    This report is available only to salon businesses on the Reports v2 dashboard.

  • Export price list of services associated with a center.
    Note: This enhancement is available after March 16, 2022.

  • Businesses can restrict access to service providers or other employees from viewing guest details in the Appointment Book, Point of Sale and Zenoti Mobile.

  • Businesses can enable permission that allows service providers to collect payments and close invoices for their appointments on Zenoti Mobile.

  • When guests purchase packages and memberships online, businesses can enable templates to send them the benefit details of the memberships/packages they bought.

  • Businesses can preview the configuration and design changes made to the CMA/Webstore application before making it live to their guests.

  • When a user visits your Webstore, Google Tag Manager tracks events using the enhanced data layer support. You can use the information from data layer for customized tracking and analysis in any web analytics tool, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

  • Access all reports from the Reports tab on the main ribbon. This is done for better accessibility and to avoid confusion.

    Note: Employee payroll reports continue to be under the Employee module tab.

  • Capture guests’ attention with campaigns in preferred languages that are enabled at the organization level. This helps your business increase brand value.

    Read our help articles to learn about localization and how to set language preferences.

  • Control access of managers to employees’ job-related information using a new permission (Permissions tab > Employee manager > Job Information permission).

  • Plus (+) symbol is allowed in category names to allow service names in category names.

  • New email/text template, Packages Scheduled Payment Failed, to alert guests about scheduled package payment collection failures. Learn more

  • Special character ‘/’ is allowed in package names
    For example, Laser Pigmentation Removal 1/4 Legs Qty 6

  • Customize domain name of outgoing business emails at organization and center levels. Learn more

  • Zenoti identifies the payment methods used in your Shopify-enabled e-commerce website. From this release, we support Klarna payment method. So, payments via Klarna are mapped to Zenoti payment types and you can identify such transactions. Learn more

  • Businesses can set a default tax group that will apply to all retail products sold at a center. To this end, we have introduced the Default tax group for retail products in the drop-down list on each Manage Center page. Additionally, we’ve added the Select Default Tax Group and Remove Tax Group options in bulk edit mode.

  • Search parameters are retained for Packages, Products, and Services searches. Also, from the details page, you can navigate back to the search results.


  • To strengthen user security and to be compliant with OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) regulations, business owners must configure settings for employee passwords.  

    With this release, we are introducing new settings to ensure compliance with employee password policies. You can configure these settings for your business from the organization level.   

    Employee Profile fields: Earlier vs Now – What has changed?

    Earlier, when employees had trouble logging into Zenoti, you could access the employee profile, update the password from the Login Info section, and then share the updated password with the employee to help them log back in.

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    Now, as an administrator or manager, you can no longer update the password from the Login Info section of the employee profile. Instead, you must use the new Update Password button.

    Note: Administrators or owners can access the Login Activity v2 report to view login related details for employees such as Account Lock Status, Password Last Updated Date, and number of Successful or Failed Login Attempts.

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    Learn more:

  • Control whether you want to allow overlapping pay periods using an organization-level setting (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Employee > Enable overlapping pay periods).

  • If your organization does not use Fitness, you will no longer see the link Switch to classic payroll report from the Employee Payroll report page. Fitness customers will continue to see this link to switch to the classic payroll report.


  • Guests can now change the service or the therapist while using the Quick Book or Rebook feature.

  • Guests who purchase gift cards online must also provide their first and last names so that the recipient is notified of the sender’s name.

  • Guests can now initiate account deletion from the guest profile section. The account is not immediately deleted. The business must work with Zenoti to manually delete the account. Learn more

Note: This is a beta feature.

  • From this release, Zenoti supports ADP RUN integration that allows you to process and transmit your employee's payroll information from Zenoti to ADP RUN on a request basis. This allows you to process your entire payroll on ADP RUN which is more robust and quicker. Learn more


  • If your business uses Aveda products, as an inventory manager, you can now quickly send orders to Aveda from Zenoti.

  • Does your business have a huge inventory and you want to audit only some products? You can now enable partial audit (cycle count) for selected products. Learn more


  • On the membership details page, additional information regarding active members, sale count and dates, and creation date is displayed.

Online Booking/ Webstore

  • Your organization can now opt for request-based bookings or continue with direct bookings. If you wish to modify appointments before confirmation, choose request-based bookings as this promotes better calendar control. 

    Guests can now choose: 

    • A specific service (or multiple services) 

    • Suitable time slots 

    • A specific therapist or any therapist 

    Your front-desk staff can confirm, modify, or decline requests. Guests receive notifications when front-desk staff confirms or declines their requests.

  • With this release, when guests purchase a gift card on Webstore, they can include a tip so that the recipient (of the gift card) does not have to think about paying a tip at the store. Learn more



  • Businesses can now migrate card information from their earlier payment processor to Zenoti Payments.

Reports v2

  • Group By option is available on more columns in v2 Reports: Tips, Attendance, Gift cards, and Packages.

  • Total footers are added in the Attendance v2 report and Gift cards v2 report.

  • Card Types column is added in the Collections v2 and Accounting Summary reports.

  • New report, Login Activity v2 Report now available; helps business owners get a snapshot of the login activity of employees.

Webhooks and APIs

  • Zenoti Webhooks: Generally, webhooks are automated messages sent from one app to another app when something happens or when an event is triggered. This is how the bank account balance is updated as soon as someone makes a purchase on an e-commerce website. The e-commerce website and the bank communicate with each other using webhooks. With this release, we are introducing webhooks that will allow you to automate tasks for events such as employee creation, membership creation, guest deletion and others. Learn more.

  • API change log

And there's so much more! Go ahead, click the icons to explore!

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