This article details how Royalties and Cross Center Redemptions are calculated in their respective reports. For a business, it is imperative to know the logic behind such calculations as this will help them to reconcile their collections.

Royalties - Reconciliation

To understand how Royalties are calculated:

  1. Open the Sales-Accrual report:

    1. At the organization level, click the Reports icon.

    2. Select Try the New Version of Reports button.

    3. Search for Sales-Accrual.

    4. Select Sales-Accrual.

  2. Select the date range of the period you want to reconcile the Royalty collections.

  3. Click Refresh.
    The data appears.

  4. Calculate Sales Value as per the report.
    Note: Sales Value = Sales (Exc.Tax)Taxable RedemptionNon-Taxable Redemption (Sales (Exc.Tax), Taxable Redemption, Non Taxable Redemption are the names of the columns in the report.)

    For example: Sales (Exc. Tax) is $1000.00 and Taxable Redemption is $350.00, and Non-Taxable Redemption is $200.00. The Sales Value will be $1000.00 - $350.00 -$200 = $450.00

  5. Calculate Royalty percentage on Sales Value.
    If you’ve configured your Sales Commission to be 5% in the Royalty Rules Setup page, Zenoti will calculate 5% on the Sales Value and the same amount is deducted from the centers you link and deposited to your bank account.

    For example: If $450.00 is your Sales Value, 5% of Royalty on the Sales Value will be $22.5. This is the amount deposited to your bank account. On your bank statement look for this amount.
    Note: If you are a center, you can only view the Royalty settings in the Royalty Transaction History Report.

Cross Center Settlements - Reconciliation

For reconciling cross-center settlements, you must open the Cross-center Settlement Report v2 and match the values in the Reports page of Cross Center Collections.

  1. Open the Cross-center Settlement Report v2:

    1. At the organization level, click the Reports icon.
      The Reports tab opens.

    2. Select Try the New Version of Reports button.
      The V2 version of reports opens.

    3. Search for Cross-center Settlement.
      The search results appear, and you will see Cross-center Settlement report v2 as one of the results.

    4. Select the report.
      The report opens.
      Note: The date period must be the same as the ‘Transaction Period” on the transaction history report.

  2. Navigate to the Reports section in Cross-center Settlement page.

    1. At the organization-level, click the Admin icon.

    2. Navigate to Payments > Cross-center Payments.
      The Cross-center Payments page opens.

    3. Click Reports.
      The Report opens.

  3. For the center that you want to reconcile, click the amount that appears on the Adjustment column.
    The Fee Details page appears.

  4. Verify the Amount Payable and Amount Receivable values present here with the values in the Cross-center Settlement report v2.

The Net Amount is the difference between your payables and receivables after the adjustments.

Net Amount = Total Cross-center Redemptions (Total Amount) - Adjustments.

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