Data insights such as rebooking rate, average spend based on rating, average number of services are available on this tab.

The Guest Loyalty Index is a performance indicator and is the average of all indexes on this tab. This is evaluated against all metrics, with other businesses in the cohort, for the selected time period. The index's trend over time is also displayed.

Each of the following metrics have charts depicting the cumulative number, trend over time, and comparison across stores.



Rebooking Rate

Percentage of invoices in which guests make their next booking on the same day as their last booking. They may either rebook at the end of their service, rebook online when they get home, or give you a call later that day.

Provider Request Percentage

Percentage of appointments in which a particular provider was requested, to the total appointments created.

Example: In a period of 30 days, there were 50 appointments and guests requested for Provider A 10 times. So, the Provider Request Percentage for Provider A is 20%.

Guest Percentage based on visit frequency - Monthly

Ratio of guests whose visit frequency is monthly, to the total number of guests.

You can view this metric for the following visit types:

  • Single: One visit

  • Occasional: 2 or 3 visits

  • Frequent: More than 3 visits

Average Spend based on guest feedback rating

Indicates the average spend by guests based on the given rating.

Calculated by dividing the final sale price for the corresponding rating by the count of guests who gave that rating, Excludes tax and includes discounts. Final sale price is considered after redemptions.

You can view this metric for the following feedback rating types:

  • Good: Rating of 4 and above

  • Poor: Rating of 3 and below

Visits with discount Percentage

Percentage of guest visits with discounts compared to the total number of guest visits.

Guests with discounts

Percentage of guests with more than or equal to 80% of their visits with discounted prices. This is a ratio of number of guests with such discounts and the total number of guests.

Example: In a period of 30 days, a total of 10 guests had booked appointments . Out of these, 5 guests had 5 appointments each and they availed discounts at least for 4 appointments. So, the Guests with discounts percentage is 50%.

Average number of services

Average number of services for each guest. Ratio of total appointments serviced to the number of guests.

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