Zenoti helps you measure your business performance against other similar businesses. It helps you detect gaps that you can close by improving your performance. Factors include Sales, Guest Loyalty, Guest Engagement, and Digital Adoption.

Benchmarking can be against the industry or against an internal flagship store.

  • Industry Benchmarks : Industry benchmark indicates the average business performance across a cohort of Zenoti customers. You can select your cohort based on business type, business size, and region. For example, you can compare the sales of your store against a group of other Zenoti enabled stores operating in the same region.

  • Internal Benchmarks: You can also compare the business performance of a particular store against the business performance of your flagship location.


    Out of your 50 stores in Australia, the George Street, Sydney store is the best performing one. You can gain data insights by comparing various performance indexes of any store against the George Street store.

Based on your organization's Admin settings, you can access the Industry Benchmarks dashboard or the Internal Benchmarks dashboard.

Important: These tabs are visible only if your business has signed up for Benchmarks by Zenoti.

Note: Only employees with Manager and Owner roles can access these dashboards.

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