Disclaimer: To further strengthen compliance with OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) guidelines on user security and employee passwords, we have made some changes to the fields you see in the employee profile.

This change is LIVE on various PODS from 17th January 2022.


Employee profile fields: Earlier vs Now – What has changed?

Earlier, when employees had trouble logging into Zenoti, you could access the employee profile, update the password from the Login Info section, and then share the updated password with the employee to help them log back in.

Now, as an administrator or manager you can still access the employee profile. However, you can no longer update the password from the Login Info section of the employee profile. Instead, you must use the new Update Password button.

To reset passwords, individual employees can:

  • Use the Forgot password? link on the log in page

  • Request their managers or administrators to update their passwords
    (who can then use the Update password button in the employee profile)
    Note: Owners or managers can see the Update password button only if the org level setting, Enable key-in password update at employee profile, is enabled. Learn more

  • Request their managers or administrators to send them the Reset password link.
    Note: As a manager, administrator, or business owner you can use the Reset Password option from the employee profile to help employees reset their passwords.
    If you click this button, Zenoti will send a link to the employee’s registered email address. The employee must then click the link to reset their password.

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