Some businesses prefer to mask the contact information of guests from the service providers. This helps businesses to maintain data privacy, gain the trust of their customers, and provide a seamless guest experience.

To restrict the access of service providers or other employees from viewing guest details in the Appointment Book, you can enable the following setting:

To mask guest contact info on the Appointment Book

1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

2. Navigate to Organization > Security Roles > (Any Role Name) > Permissions tab > Guest Manager.
The Guest Manager permissions section expands.

3. Locate and select Mask Guest Contact Info.

4. Clive Save.

The Mask Guest Contact Info is unselected by default. When selected, this setting will partially mask guest phone numbers and email addresses from the booking screens for users with the assigned role:

  • Appointment book

  • Booking panel

  • Booking wizard

  • Point of Sale

  • Guest profile

If unselected, users will continue to see guests' contact information.

When this permission is enabled, the employees will only be able to see:

  • The last 4 digits of the phone number.
    Example: XXX-XXX-1234

  • The last 4 characters of the email address.

Note: The Mask Guest Contact Info setting under Guest Manager will only work on Zenoti Web. The users will still be able to see all the guest details on Zenoti Mobile. Learn more about how to mask guest details on Zenoti Mobile.

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