Zenoti Payments allows you to change the bank information for an existing account and update it with new bank information.

Important: Changing bank account will trigger KYC verification. Your business will not receive any payouts till the new bank account verification is complete. However, you can still continue to accept payments from your guests.

To change the bank information

  1. At the level where your account is configured (Organization or Center), click the Admin icon and navigate to Payments > Settings.

  2. For Zenoti Payments, click the drop-down arrow.


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  3. Click Registered Details.
    To view Registered Details, you are required to sign in. Your email address is auto populated.

  4. Click Sign In.

  5. Enter the verification code. The code is sent to your Zenoti Payments email address.
    The Registered Details section opens.

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  6. For Bank Payout Details, click Edit.
    The Bank Payout Details appear, and your existing information is auto populated.

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  7. To add a new bank account, enter the following details:

    1. Currency: Select the currency of your area of business from the drop-down list.

    2. Country Code: Select your country of business from the drop-down list.

    3. Account Type:

      1. Savings: Select this option if your bank account is a savings account.

      2. Checking: Select this option if your bank account is a checking account.

    4. ABA Routing Number: Enter the routing number of your bank account. This is usually found at the bottom of your bank check.
      Note: Routing number is unique to the US & Canada. Check this list for requirements in other countries:

      1. United Kingdom - Sort Code

      2. Australia - ABA or Fedwire Number

    5. Account Number: Enter your bank account number here.

    6. Confirm Account Number: Re-enter the bank account number.

    7. Proof of Account: Upload any one of the following documents:

      1. Bank Statement

      2. Voided Check

      3. Online Banking Screenshot
        Note: The name of the account holder should match with the Account Owner Name field (h).

    8. Account Owner Name: Enter the name of the account owner.

    9. Account Owner Address: Enter the address of the account owner.

  8. Click Save.
    You have successfully changed the bank information for your existing Zenoti Payments account.
    Note: It may take up to two business days for your new account to be verified and made live. You will not receive any payouts during the verification period.

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