Note: ADP RUN is a beta feature.

After you configure ADP RUN at the center-level , and validate the encryption code, you will receive an email from ADP RUN to grant access to Zenoti. You can either click the link received in the email, or click the link present in the Authorize tab of the configuration page.

  1. In the Authorize section, click the link.
    You are redirected to the ADP Consent Manager page.
    Note: Authorization requests are sent by ADP marketplace to the user’s registered email for ADP account. Alternatively, the user can use the link in this page to navigate to the ADP Consent Manager page.

  2. View the Security Settings and Authorizations on the ADP Consent Manager page.

  3. Navigate back to Zenoti configuration page.

  4. Click Verify Authorization to validate the configuration and authorization.

    If you see a success message, then you have completed the verification successfully. If you do not see a success message, then you must recheck your configuration settings and verify once again.

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