Note: ADP RUN is a beta feature.

In this step, you must subscribe to the ADP RUN connector by pasting the encryption code (generated in Step 1) in the ADP Marketplace.

To configure your account in ADP Marketplace

  1. Click the link – Zenoti ADP RUN data connector.

    A new tab opens, and you are redirected to ADP Marketplace and the Payroll Data Connector for Zenoti appears.

    Important: You must log in to your ADP account in the marketplace using your credentials.

  2. Click Purchase.
    The purchase wizard opens and displays the Create Order section.
    Here you must purchase the Payroll Data Connector and make the required payment.

  3. Click Continue.
    The Additional Information section opens. This section allows you to link Zenoti with ADP RUN.

  4. In the Encrypted Code text box, paste the code you copied from Zenoti.
    This is the encrypted code that you generated in Zenoti.

  5. Click Check.
    The encryption code is validated, and if is mapped to an existing account, it will show a Success message. If you see an error message, paste the encrypted code again and recheck.

  6. Click Continue.
    The Billing Details section appears.

  7. Enter the billing details and click Continue.
    The Confirm Order section opens.

  8. Check the order details and click Place Order.
    The order receipt appears.
    The subscription process is complete and your order details are automatically received by Zenoti.
    Go back to the Zenoti configuration page and continue with Step 3 of the setup wizard.

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