Note: ADP RUN is a beta feature.


To integrate Zenoti with ADP RUN, ensure that your business meets the following requirement.

  • Active Subscription: You must have an active ADP RUN subscription for each of your centers. Since ADP RUN supports a single account for a single location (center), you must have a single account for each center.

To configure ADP RUN Payroll Integration for your center

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Centers > Center name > Integrations and expand the Payroll section.

  3. Expand the Provider section.

  4. Select ADP RUN as your provider.

  5. Click Continue.
    The Configuration section expands and the setup wizard appears.

Step 1: Generate Encrypted Code

This step allows you to connect individual centers to your ADP RUN account. The generated encryption code is unique to each center.

  1. For Connector Subscription Type select the option New.

  2. Under Generate Encrypted Code section, click Generate.
    Zenoti will generate an encrypted code.

  3. Copy the generated code and keep it handy. You must paste this code when you subscribe to ADP RUN Connector in the ADP Marketplace.

  4. Click Next.
    Step 2 of the wizard appears.

Step 2: Navigate to the ADP Marketplace:

Note: You must be logged in to your ADP RUN account before completing this step.

  1. In Step 2, click the Zenoti ADP RUN data connector link. The link will redirect you to the ADP Marketplace > Zenoti ADP RUN connector page.

  2. Paste the generated encryption code where indicated. This allows your centers to be connected to your ADP RUN account.

Step 3: Verify the Connector Status

This step allows you to verify your ADP RUN connector status.

  1. While in the Step 2 screen, click Next.
    Step 3, Verify your integration status appears.

  2. Click Verify Status.
    Zenoti validates the status of the account and displays the following:

  3. Click Continue.
    You have successfully connected your ADP RUN account to Zenoti.
    Complete the next steps in the Authorization section.

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