Guests often purchase gift cards for their loved ones. They can go a step further and pay a tip amount too. This way, the person who receives the gift card can redeem services and need not worry about paying a tip after taking the services.


  • Enable Gift Cards without Tax.

    Learn how.

  • At the organization level, enable Ask for tips with service and package gift cards. Complete other relevant details such as Incude Tip Label and Include Tip Help Text.


    You can override the Ask for tips with service and package gift cards setting at the center level.

    To override the setting at the center level

    1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

    2. Navigate to Center > Centers.

    3. Go to the Online Booking tab.

    4. Select Webstore V2 template.

    5. Select the Ask for Tips with service and package giftcards checkbox.

    6. In the Suggested Tips boxes, enter the suggested tips.

    7. Click Save.

      The guests from the center can purchase a gift card and pay for the tip.

  • Disable the Allow sale of gift cards inclusive of tax option. Learn how.

To purchase a gift card and pay for the tip

The guest should:

  1. Log in to Webstore with their Username and Password.


    If your guest does not wish to log in to the Webstore, they can use the Continue as Guest option to buy the card. After they select a Service, or a Package option as mentioned in the subsequent step, Webstore prompts to log in. Here, instead of logging in to the Webstore, they can select Continue as Guest. To enable this, select the Enable continue as guest (No log in required) setting in the Gift Cards section of the Webstore v2 template.

  2. Click Gift Cards available on the top right corner of the page.

    The Amount, Service, and Package gift cards appear.

  3. Select a service or package gift card as explained in Webstore V2: Sell a Gift Card

  4. From the Include Tip? list, select the desired tip. Your guest can also enter a custom tip amount.


    Organizations can also choose not to suggest tips. If the organization does not suggest tips, then the guest can add an amount of their choice.

  5. Enter the Recipient Name, Recipient Email ID, and click Proceed.

  6. In the Occasion field, select the desired occasion.

  7. From the Styles field, select the desired style.

  8. In the Message box, enter a message for the recipient.

  9. From the Delivery Date, select Send Now to send the gift card immediately or select Send Later.

    If you select Send Later, select a date and time, and click Set.

  10. Click Preview and Buy.

  11. In the Payment section, enter the card details.

  12. Click Submit.

The sender (guest) receives an invoice and the recipient receives the gift card in an email as an attachment.

Note: The organization can use the macro [ValueWithTipCallOut] to inform the receiver that the sender has added a tip to the gift card.

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