Set Up Classes

Manage Organization Settings: Training

Create a Class in Zenoti

Create a Class Level

Create a Class Category

What is session status?

Create a Class Subcategory

Create a Payrate for Classes

When the payrate is defined at different places, which one takes precedence?

Fitness: Restrict View for Non-admin Users

Create a Class Schedule

What changes can I make to a class at a center level?

Create a Class: General tab

Create a Class: Price tab

Create a Class: Rooms tab

Create a Class: Instructors tab

Create a Class: Catalog tab

How to Cancel a Class?

Set up Late Cancel Tiers


Create a Workshop in Zenoti

Create a Workshop: General tab

Create a Workshop: Events tab

Create a Workshop: Price tab

Create a Workshop: Rooms tab

Create a Workshop: Instructors tab

Create a Workshop: Catalog tab

Create a Workshop: Schedule tab

Roster View

Fitness: Classes Roster View

Fitness: Edit a Class in Roster View

Fitness: Workshops Roster View

Fitness: Point of Sale (POS)

Fitness: View cancelled sessions for a studio

Fitness: Student Profile Overview

Fitness: Create New Student Profile

Fitness: Create a New Student Profile from Roster View

Fitness: Access Student Profile

Fitness: Register Student for a Class

Fitness: Add Student to Waitlist

Fitness: Move Student from Waitlist

Fitness: Student Sign In

Fitness: Mark a Student as a No-Show or Late Cancel

Fitness: Select a Substitute for a Session from Roster View

Fitness: View Terms and Conditions Form

Fitness: Transfer Service Credit for a Class

Fitness: Collect Payment for Drop-In Students

Fitness: Add Mat Rental, Towel Rental, or Water Purchase

Fitness: Refund Membership EFT Partially

Fitness: Sell a Retail Item

Fitness: Refund a Retail Item

Fitness: Check Prices in the Roster


Fitness: Inventory


How to create a target segment based on class history?

How to create a target segment based on class visits?

Email/Text Notifications & Macros for Classes

Collect Feedback

Fitness: Configure Thank you and Feedback Request Template for Classes

Instructor App

Fitness: Terms and Conditions Form on the Instructors App

Fitness: Instructor App Overview

Fitness: Login to the Instructor App

Fitness: Request Substitute on Instructor App

Fitness: Pick Up Classes on Instructor App

Fitness: Review Requests on Instructor App

Fitness: Classes Enrollment on Instructor App

Fitness: Mark Attendance as an Instructor


Classes Attendance Report

Fitness: Roster Summary by Status Report

Fitness: Roster Details Report

Fitness: Sales-Classes Report

Fitness: Roster Summary by Payment Type Report

Fitness: Roster Summary by Instructor Report

Fitness: Class Commission Details Report


Webstore V2: Book Classes for a Group

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