In your business, you may have students who would want to take a class along with their friends or family. Such bookings are called group bookings, where a student is often accompanied by other guests. With this release, when students book a class through Webstore and CMA, they can book other guests to the same class, and pay for them.

Important: The Enable Group Booking setting of the Webstore V2 General Settings should be enabled at the organization level. For a group booking, the student can select multiple services for all co-students. The student who books the service is designated as the host for the entire group.

Note: If the host cancels a single appointment from the group booking, the entire group appointment is canceled. The host cannot just cancel a single appointment in the group.

To book group appointments:

  1. Open your Webstore V2 URL.

    The URL will be www.<businessname>/

    The Webstore V2 homepage appears.

  2. Click Classes

  3. [Optional] Select a location.

  4. Select a class

  5. Enter the number of co-students (minimum 2 to a maximum of 6).

    Note: Group booking is initiated automatically when the number of students is more than one. If the number of students remains one, the group booking is not initiated.

  6. Enter the details of the other students.

  7. Click Confirm.

  8. The Sign In page appears.

  9. Sign in to the Webstore either with Email or Phone number.

    The Booking Confirmation page appears.

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