After selling a membership, the membership form must be filled and submitted by the guest at the front desk. Depending on the format (online or offline) of the membership form you created, you can capture the guest’s details and signature. To learn how to configure these forms, read: Membership Forms: An Overview

  • Offline form: You need to print the offline form and have the guest fill and sign the form.

  • Online form: You can capture the guest’s details and signature, and submit the membership form using the web and Zenoti Mobile.

After capturing the details in the online form, you can view a log of the form history.

View membership form log

1. Open the Guest's Profile page.
The Guest Details page appears.
2. Go to the Memberships tab.
The tab displays a list of all the memberships purchased by the guest.
3. Click View under Form, against a membership.

The Membership Forms window appears. You can see the form associated with
the membership, its type, status of form submission, date of form submission, and
action to be performed for the form.
4. Click View.

The form appears.

5. Click View Log.

The form log appears.

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