After selling a membership, the membership form must be filled and submitted by the guest at the front desk. Depending on the format (online or offline) of the membership form you created, you can capture the guest’s details and signature. To learn how to configure these forms, read: Membership Forms: An Overview

  • Offline form: You need to print the offline form and have the guest fill and sign the form.

  • Online form: You can capture the guest’s details and signature, and submit the membership form using the web and Zenoti Mobile.

To submit an online membership form using Mobile

1. Log in using your Zenoti Mobile account.
The Appointment screen appears.
2. Tap Customer to search and select a guest.
The Guest Details screen appears.
3. Navigate to the Summary tab.

The Packages and Memberships of a guest appears.
4. Tap Details against a membership listed under the Memberships.

The membership page appears and displays the Details tab and the Redemption
5. Tap View in the Membership Agreement Forms section in the Details tab.

The Membership Forms page appears and displays all of the membership forms
for a guest.
6. Tap Open against one the following status for a membership form:

  • Signed: This indicates, the form is completed. You can open and view the details
    of the form.

  • Unsigned: The form is incomplete.
    Do the following steps to complete the form:
    1. Tap Open. The Membership form appears.
    2. Enter the required details.
    3. Capture the guest’s signature in the text box under Signature.

4. Tap Submit.
Zenoti saves the details and signature of the guest.

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