Using Zenoti, you can create Guest form for your guests to fill during their service.

You can use Guest Form, ( also known as the guest intake form, new guest form, or guest consultation form), to gather information of a guest such as name, address, contact details, health history, allergies, and lifestyle details, when a guest visits you for the first time.

  • A business can only have one guest form.

  • You can create guest custom fields from the Admin mode at the organization level (Admin > Custom Fields > Guests).

To enter data manually for a guest

  1. Open the guest profile.

  2. Click the Custom Fields tab.

  3. To view the versions on the left of the Custom Fields page with the latest version listed first with the date and time of update. Click on any version to view its details.

  4. To view the form log, click the View Log icon.

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