Note: To enable this report, contact Zenoti Support.

The Forms Data Export report allows you to export the field-level data in a form, such as vaccination status or injectables used in your center for a particular service as a .XLS or .CSV file.

To export field-level data from forms

  1. Go to the Reports V2 interface.

  2. Select the Forms Data Export report.

  3. Click Run.

    The Forms Data Export report opens.

  4. Click the Forms Data Export report from the Select a Report drop-down list.

    The filters for the appointment date range, center, form, and the fields appear.

  5. Select the appropriate filters and click the Export icon.

    You can see the two formats (Excel and CSV) in which you can export or download the report.

  6. Select the desired format.

    The complete report data is exported in the desired format.

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