On the custom form setup page, the History tab serves as a reference to review the version history of a form. The page lists:

  • Which areas within the digital form setup were updated, such as changes to the HTML and changes to the settings

  • Who made the change

  • What changed

  • When those updates were made.

  • The value before the change and the changed value

For changes to HTML, you can also preview the changes.

Note: The History tab lists the history with the most recent changes first.

To view the version history

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Custome Fields> Custom Forms.

  2. Click the relevant form.

  3. Click the History tab.

  4. For HTML related changes, click the hyperlink in the Old value column.

  5. Similarly, to preview the new value, click the hyperlink in the New value column.

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