The Training settings section of the Settings tab on the Edit Organization page allows you to review and manage the settings for your fitness studio. These settings include group registrations, fitness kiosk, refund, virtual classes, instructor label, and more.
Any changes made on the organization settings page impact all the centers of the organization.

Permission: Available only to owners and Zenoti administrators

To configure training settings

  1. At the Organization level click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Click Settings.

  4. Expand the Training section.

  5. Configure the following settings:

    • Enable group registrations

    • Enable Fitness kiosk

    • Allow refunds on classes

    • Enable auto-sign in for classes: Depending on your business need, you can set auto sign-in to come to affect x minutes before start time and x minutes after start time

    • Enable requirement of a payment method to be selected before enrolling a user to a class.

    • Label Instructors – Depending on your business need, you can change the Instructor label to a term that your business uses, such as facilitator and yoga instructor

    • Label the Fitness tab: Depending on your business need, you can rename the Fitness tab of the top menu. For example, if you are using Zenoti for your Yoga studio, then you can enter ‘Yoga class’ as the name of the tab. Click Save. The tab in the top menu will be renamed to 'Yoga Class'.

    • Enable virtual classes

    • Enable auto-sign in for virtual classes

      Note: Auto-sign in for virtual classes will take in effect 15mins after the session end time for registered users.

    • Waive cancellation fee when an instructor is substituted

    • Charge a package credit as a late cancellation fee or no-show fee for students who book classes using a package.

    • Configure the substitution request lock window

    • Set the substitution request approval lock window

    • Ensure that a manager approval is necessary for approving instructor substitution.

    • Allow auto approval of substitution

    • Cancel classes automatically after a substation request expires

      Note: Auto Cancellation will take in effect only if both Substitution Request Lock Window (Hrs.) and Substitution Request Approval Lock Window (Hrs.) are set to non-empty values.

    • Enable automatic collection of payments for cancellation or no show when a card is on file

    • Automatically close invoices with no dues

    • Close invoices that are generated between a set date

    • Show cancelled classes in UI

    • Allow double-booking for a guest

    • Automatically delete waitlisted registrations

    • Delete invoices of waitlisted registrations within a date range.

    • Enable proof of COVID vaccination

    • Determine how many days in advance students can book workshops online separately from class booking days.

  6. Click Save.

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