1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations

  3. Click Online booking.

  4. Select the Webstore V2 template.

  5. Expand Guest login & sign up and configure the settings described below.

  6. Click Publish.

Setting name


Guest option to login via mobile or email

To let guests log into Webstore with an email id or a mobile phone number, enable this setting.

Show guest gender field in sign up form

To display the gender field in the guest's sign-up form, enable this setting.

Mandate guest gender field while sign up

To make gender selection mandatory for your guests while signing up, enable this setting.

Mandate OTP for sign-up

To send a one-time password to the guests when they sign up on your Webstore, enable this setting.

  • OTP is sent to either the mobile number or the email id of the guests.

  • Email/Text message credits will be used to send the OTP to the guest. Ensure you have enough credits available.

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