Zenoti allows you to configure the appointment booking flow for online booking in Webstore.

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Go to the Online booking tab and select the Webstore V2 template.

  4. Expand the Appointment booking flow drop-down list and configure the appointment booking flow setting described below.

  5. To publish all the configured settings, click Publish.

Setting name


Allow same day bookings only

Select whether you want to allow guests to book appointments only for the current date.


  • When this setting is enabled: The guests will be asked to select only the time slot for their booking (This is applicable only for businesses such as barbershops that accept same-day bookings).

  • When this setting is disabled: The guests will be asked to select both the date and time slot for their booking.

Allow guest to add multiple services in one appointment

Select whether you want to allow guests to add multiple services in one appointment.

Allow guest to enter discount code in invoice

To allow guests to enter a discount code in the invoice, enable this setting.

Allow service process segments to be booked in non-bookable block out times

Select whether you want to allow guests to book service process segments in time slots that may be blocked out and the therapist is unavailable.

Allow guest to add notes in appointments

To allow guests to add notes in appointments, enable this setting.

Block appointment booking if a guest mandatory fields are missing

To block appointment booking when the guest doesn't have mandatory fields filled in the sign-up form, enable this setting.

Tip: If the logged-in guest doesn't have all mandatory fields filled in the sign-up form, make sure they fill in those details before they complete the booking.

Intro pricing for first time guests

To give introductory pricing on services to new guests, enable this setting.

Example: If Balinese Massage is usually priced at $80.00, you can display $39.99 as an intro price for new guests.

Campaign code

Enter the intro campaign code that you created.

Custom banner for intro pricing

Enter the HTML code for your intro pricing banner. You can use this to display text with formatting, links or image files.

Note: This banner appears for users before they sign in. This banner can have information about the prices for a first-time user (intro prices), or a list of benefits offered by the center. After the guests sign in, they will see their respective banners such as their Membership banner or an existing guest banner.

Allow center override

If you want the introductory pricing feature to be enabled for specific centers instead of the entire organization, enable this setting.

Note: When you enable center-level override, you must also configure the introductory pricing from the center-level catalog. Navigate to center-level > Admin > Organization > Centers > Online Booking > Webstore V2 Settings.

Note: Introductory pricing is not applicable for group/couple booking

Warn users while booking appointment on the same day

To warn the guests who book multiple appointments on the same day, enable this setting. This way, you can let you guests know that they must be available for the entire duration of the services.

Example: Tabitha already booked a Balinese Massage on 10th January. She logs in to the Webstore and books Keratin Treatment for the same day. In that case, Webstore displays an alert stating that she already has a booking for a Balinese Massage on the same day, with an option to proceed with the booking.

Enable appointment slots for nearby centers

To allow your guests to check the availability of appointments in the nearby centers, enable this setting.

On busy days like weekends when the footfall is high, guests may not be able to find a suitable appointment time slot in your center. In such cases, the guest has to either choose a time slot that might not be convenient or skip booking the appointment entirely. To avoid such situations, you can allow your guests to check the availability of appointments in the nearby centers for service bookings.

Specify the distance to be measured either in Kilometers or in Miles.

Set the maximum radius to show centers

Enter the distance within which the nearby centers are located. The Webstore will display all the centers within the radius of the distance specified.

Example: Center 1 is in Brownsville and Center 2 is in Crown Heights. Both centers are located in Brooklyn, New York City. The distance between both the centers is 3.5 kilometers or 2.2 miles. In such a case, you will select the Zones radio button, select the Distance to be measured in as either Kilometers or Miles, and specify the distance as either 3.5 or 2.2.

View more slots button Label

Enter the label text for viewing more slots.

View availability at nearby locations

To allow guests to view availability at nearby centers, enable this setting.

Enable prerequisites

To make it mandatory for guests to book a prerequisite service while booking the main service, select this checkbox.

Label for prerequisite

Enter the label text for prerequisites.

Enable finishing service

To make it mandatory for your guests to select finishing services when they book an appointment, enable this setting.

Label for finishing service

Enter the label to represent your finishing service in the box.

Finishing services are services that are performed after the main service to complement the main service and complete the entire styling.

For example, services like haircut and hair color need hair to be washed post-service. Here, hair wash is the finishing service to the main service of hair cut or hair color.

Enable deposits

To collect deposits on service booking, enable this setting.

Collecting service deposits also ensures guests turn up for their appointments since partial payment for the services is already done. This is more apt for online bookings.

Charge deposit for

Select any one of the following:

  • all guests: Select this option if a deposit must be collected for all guests.

  • guests who do not have an active membership or package only: Select this option if you want to collect deposit only from non-members or non-package guests.

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