Important: To use this feature, ensure that the Hide Price security role permission is disabled for your role.

Businesses can associate vendors to a product while creating a product on the products page or on the vendors page.

Note: If you can make any changes on the Vendor tab, those changes will reflect on the Vendors page and vice-versa.

To associate a vendor

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Products.

  3. Click Add to create a new product.

  4. Add details in the General tab and Price tab.

  5. Select the Vendors tab.

  6. From the Vendor list, select the desired vendors.

  7. From the Center list, select the desired centers.

  8. In the Purchase Price box, enter the price at which you purchase this product from the selected vendors.

  9. In the Discount (% or $) box, enter the discount that you get from the vendors.
    Note: To add a percentage discount, enter the discount amount followed by the percentile symbol (%).

  10. From the Tax Group list, select the tax that is applicable to the product.

  11. In the Vendor Part Number box, enter the unique identifier of the product given by the vendors.
    Note: For a product, each vendor may give a different code. You can update this code for individual vendors.

  12. Click Add.

  13. Click Save.

    The vendor-product association is done successfully.

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