After you’ve downloaded and installed the MyZen app on your mobile device, you can proceed to sign up and create your profile.

Sign up

To sign up in the MyZen app:

  1. Launch the MyZen app.
    The app displays the intro screen.

  2. Tap Get Started.
    The Sign up/Log in screen appears.

  3. Sign up using either your mobile phone number or your email address.
    Note: If you are signing up with your mobile phone number, you must specify your country code.

  4. Tap Continue.

    My Zen app sends a four-digit verification code to your mobile phone number or your email address (as per the preference used earlier).

  5. Enter the four-digit verification code and tap Verify.
    Your phone number or email address is verified successfully.
    Note: If the code is incorrect, you will see a prompt on the screen that says, Incorrect Code. You must re-enter the code.

    If you do not receive the code, tap Resend Code.
    After a successful verification, the Verify Employer screen appears.

  6. Enter your phone number or your email address and tap Proceed.
    Note: The phone number or email address should be present in the employee records. MyZen will match the phone number or email address with the employee records.

  7. Enter your phone number and tap Continue.
    MyZen will send a verification code to your mobile number.

  8. Enter the four digit verification code and tap Verify.
    MyZen app will search for the employer linked to your phone number and display the same in the next screen.

  9. If the name of the employer is matching, tap Verify.
    Note: If the phone number or email address you've entered is incorrect, or if there is no data available for the info, you will see the following screen:

    MyZen will prompt you to enter your Zenoti username and password.

  10. Enter your Zenoti username and password and tap Login.
    If you entered the correct details, you’ll see the Authorization Successful prompt on the screen.

  11. Close the prompt.
    You will see the Personal Details screen.
    This screen contains your name, contact details, and designation as per your employer records.

  12. Tap Proceed.
    The MyZen app home screen appears, and you will see the tips widget, list of course categories, and assigned courses in Zenoti University.

    You’ve successfully set up your profile on the MyZen app.

Secure your app

After you set up your profile, it is highly recommended that you secure your app by using your phone lock feature (PIN, Pattern, or Biometrics), or by creating a four-digit PIN.

To secure your phone, navigate to Profile > Security Settings. Choose any one of the following options:
- Use your screen lock: This option allows you to use your existing screen lock, biometrics, or pattern as per your phone’s settings.
- Set up a PIN: To secure the MyZen app from unauthorized access, you can set up a new PIN. MyZen app prompts you to enter this PIN, every time you access the app. The PIN consists of four-digits.

After you set up the PIN, tap Done.
You have successfully secured the MyZen app.

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