The Booking Wizard allows you to book services and packages based on available time slots and providers. The guests also have the option to choose a specific therapist. If this is the case, Zenoti shows the available time slots of the providers based on the settings at the organization level and the center level.

The automated process makes the booking easier, faster, and accurate.

To book an appointment using booking wizard

1. Navigate to the Appointments section.

2. Tap New Appointment.

The booking wizard opens.

3. Select the number of guests from the No. of Guests drop-down list.

Note: Zenoti Web considers a booking for up to 6 guests as a group booking. Any booking for more than 6 guests is considered a bulk booking.

4. To select an existing guest, enter the guest's name, mobile, email, or code in the Search by Guest name, mobile, email, code field.

5. To add a new guest, click the drop-down arrow and then click + New Guest.

6. In the service field, enter the name of the service/day package, or select one from the drop-down list.

7. To add more services or day packages, click + Service.

8. Select a therapist from the Providers drop-down list.

9. Select the duration of the service.

10. Select a room for the service.

Based on your selection, the wizard displays the available time slots in the right panel.

11. Select the time slot for which you want to book the appointment.

12. Tap Review & Book.
The Confirmation page appears.

13. Review the booking before you confirm the appointment. Zenoti holds your time slot for a few minutes (hold time) until you confirm the booking.

14. Tap Book to confirm the booking.
A message appears stating that the appointment is confirmed. The appointment now appears in the Appointment Book or tap Go Back to modify the booking. Make any changes to the booking and then click Book.

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