The context menu has an in-built intelligence and makes navigation easy for the front-desk staff.

Tap an appointment in the calendar view to open the context menu to take actions related to the appointment. The options you see on the menu for a new appointment and or a completed appointment vary and are indicative of the next steps.

Context menu actions

You can take the following actions via the context menu:

  1. Access guest profile.

  2. View guest information - guest name, contact information and guest indicators.

  3. View service details – service name, service start and end time, therapist name.

  4. Change status of the appointment – Check-in, Start, Complete, Undo Confirm, Cancel, No Show.

  5. Modify the appointment.

  6. More related appointment options – rebook the appointment.

  7. View more details of the appointment - notes, virtual appointment details.

  8. Take payment – this launches the Point of Sale. If the payment for an appointment is complete, this button will change to Show Invoice and allow you to view the closed invoice.

  9. Add the invoice to a group boll.

  10. Open forms.

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