• Q: I forgot my password for the Zenoti application and cannot complete employer verification.
    This issue can be resolved in two ways:

    • Zenoti Web: Navigate to the Zenoti login page on a web browser and click Forgot Password. Follow the prompts and reset your password. Return to MyZen app and log in with your new credentials.

    • MyZen App: Tap Forgot Password, on the Zenoti log in screen, directly on the MyZen app. After you reset the password, enter the same in the Zenoti log in screen that appears after you enter your business’ account name.

  • Q: I had earlier set up a PIN for application, but now I do not remember the PIN.

  • On the MyZen app, navigate to Home > Profile > Security Settings > Forgot PIN. My Zen app will send a security code to the registered mobile number or email address (as per the preference in setup). After a successful verification, you can reset your PIN.

  • Q: My Personal Details in the app are not matching with the information that my employer has. How to resolve this issue?

  • Contact your employer and report the discrepancy in your personal details. Your employer must update your personal information in Zenoti, and those changes will be reflected in the MyZen app.

  • Q: I am trying to link my employer and the app gives me an Invalid Account error.

  • Ensure the account name, username, and password match your Zenoti login credentials.

  • Q: I am facing an issue in the app how do I contact support?

  • On the MyZen app, navigate to Profile > Help Center > Customer Support.

    Your mobile device will open the email client that you use (Gmail, Outlook), and auto-populate Zenoti’s customer support email address in the “To” field.
    Type in your issue and send a mail. You will receive an email response from the team within 15 minutes.

  • Q: I want to access my Zenoti University courses.

  • On the MyZen app, open the home screen to view all the available courses or assigned courses in Zenoti University.

  • Q: I am trying to open the app and the app prompts me to install an update. Is it necessary?

  • Updates allow the MyZen app to adapt to latest security protocols and to add new features. To take advantage of such features, it is always recommended to install any update that you receive for the app.

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