Retail-heavy businesses have a huge set of products in inventory. It is time-consuming for them to update the price and tax of a product for multiple centers manually.

The Bulk Edit mode in Zenoti helps businesses bulk update product price and tax for multiple centers in one go.

To bulk edit a product price and tax

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Resources > Products.

  2. Click the product for which you want to bulk update price and tax details.
    The product details page appears.

  3. Select the Price tab.

5. Ensure that there are centers that are associated with the product.

Note: In bulk edit mode, you are allowed to edit price and tax details only for the associated centers.

6. Switch on the Bulk Edit toggle at the top-right corner of the page.
You are not allowed to update product prices and taxes for individual centers.

7. Select the Tax Group, Sale Price, Transfer Price, and Tax Group for transfers. If you do not enter or select a value for any of these details, the value for that field will remain the same for individual centers.


  • The tax groups in the Tax Group list are the tax groups of all the associated centers. So, if a tax group is not available at some associated center, the bulk update does not happen for such a center - you can deselect the selected checkbox for that center.

  • Select the Select Default Tax Group option to apply the default tax group for all centers in one click. You can use the Remove Tax Group option to clear the tax groups for all the centers at once.

The Update For (), indicates the number of centers that will be bulk updated.

8. Select the associated center for which you want to update the details.

9. Click Save.

The centers that are updated are highlighted in green and the centers that are not updated due to one of the following reasons are highlighted in red:

  • Either the selected tax group is not associated with one of the centers.

  • Or, there's a technical problem.

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