Generally, businesses have their own communication guidelines and they want to maintain the same tone in all their communications. One part of communication is the unsubscribe line.

For example, businesses want to add some catchy lines such as:

  • "Don't want to receive emails from us?"

  • "Click here to unsubscribe"

  • "If you don't want these updates anymore, please unsubscribe from this list"

As per the CAN-SPAM Act, it is mandatory that all service providers ensure that each marketing communication has the unsubscribe line. To this end, if you hide or do not add the [MailUnsubscribeLink] macro in campaigns, Zenoti mandates that you add it in your campaigns with an alert message.

Important: We've already added a default unsubscribe line and the [MailUnsubscribeLink] macro to all existing campaigns that are delivered, not delivered, scheduled, and paused. The Themed and Basic Layout templates are also updated with this macro.

Moreover, if you are importing HTML code for a campaign, do not forget to add the macro.

Simplified Editor

If you've enabled the Simplified Editor for your business, you can add the [MailUnsubscribeLink] macro in a campaign as follows,

  1. In the editor add a text box and click in it.
    You can see the Merge tags menu.

  2. Enter the unsubscribe line in the text box.

  3. Click the link icon (you can find this icon to the right of the Merge tags option).

  4. From the Link (Site) list, select the Other Protocol type.

5. In the box, enter '[MailUnsubscribeLink]' (without the quotes).

6. Test the macro by sending an email to a test email address.
In the test campaign, you will still see the macro, but not the link.
Note: The link to the unsubscribe line appears only after you publish the campaign.

Rich-Text Editor or Professional Editor

If you've enabled the rich-text editor or the professional editor, you can add the [MailUnsubscribeLink] macro in a campaign as follows,

  1. In the editor, drag the Text block and drop it in the editor area.

  2. Drag the [MailUnsubscribeLink] from the list and drop it in the textbox.

3. Customize the unsubscribe line.
You can see editing options.

4. From the editing toolbar, select the link icon.

You can see the link options.

5. Provide information in the Display Text, Protocol, and URL fields.

6. Click OK.

7. Test the macro by sending an email to a test email address.

Test the unsubscribe line

After you send a test email, you can preview the unsubscribe line and link in the test email.

When the campaign is sent, the macro is not shown in the email.

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