• Reuse forms across multiple bookings on the same day for the same guest

  • Audit logs for forms Learn more

  • New loyalty points report to help business owners see details about loyalty points accrued, redeemed, reversed, or expired for a combination of guest and loyalty programs.

  • New prepaid cards report to help business owners see details about prepaid cards sold, their status, the value of liabilities, value redeemed, and sender and recipient details among others.

  • Use a new macro to print the date and time on insurance statements to safeguard against false insurance claims (center level setting).

  • Option to print custom service names on insurance statements (organization level setting).

  • Limit access for center managers to set working hours only at their centers. Learn more

  • Support for special characters in email addresses and category names (products and services).


  • SOC 1 Type 2 Audit done with no exceptions

Reports v1 and v2:

Employee management

  • All changes to employee profiles are tracked and easily auditable Learn more

  • Control who sees commission-related info using the updated roles and permissions Learn more

  • For employee payroll reports, the latest pay period loads by default

  • Exclude specific employees from payroll reports Learn more

  • If you don’t have shifts at your center, turn off the second shift Learn more

  • Copy employee code when registering them as guests


  • Update price and tax centrally for all centers Learn more

  • Create vendor-products easily Learn more

  • Restrict stock auditors from setting unaudited stock to zero Learn more

  • Restrict partial delivery of orders to comply with accounting platforms Learn more


  • Run discount campaigns on final price instead of flat price or percentage discounts Learn more


  • Simplified membership waivers

  • See amount due information on the Suspended Memberships report

  • Track the performance of your memberships using the new Membership Metrics dashboard

Notifications/ Emails and Text

  • Use the new No Show template to alert guests about the No-Show charges Learn more

  • Customize the Unsubscribe link in emails to match your communication standards Learn more

  • Add referral code to Thank you messages using macros Learn more

Online Booking/ Webstore

  • Copy and share feedback on your social media pages

  • Get reminders about upcoming appointments when you log in to Webstore

  • View and redeem package benefits when booking appointments online

  • Track the sources from where your users arrive at your page to help help gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns Learn more


  • View opportunity-related information on a new tab in the Guest profile to help with upsells Learn more


  • Declutter the POS by closing packages with no more remaining benefits

  • Retry all failed package payments with one click

  • Change the expiry of transferred package service credits from guest profile


  • Support for BBPOS WisePOS E for Stripe payments Learn more

  • Support for Castle S1E card reader to process payments Learn more

Accounting integrations

  • Move between accounting platforms at the click of a button Learn more

  • Post accrued, reversed, and expired loyalty points as journal entries to your accounting system

  • Simplified accounting integration configuration page; Advanced Settings lists sparingly-used settings Learn more

And there's so much more! Go ahead, click the icons to explore!

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