When you submit a request to Zenoti Support, we endeavor to address your problem as quickly as possible. In fact, the majority of support requests receive a response within a few minutes and are solved on the same day.

In order to ensure consistency and predictability during high volume times, your issue will be graded by severity (its impact on your business). Our response timeframe is commensurate with the business impact of your problem.

Impact definitions and response times*:

  • Severity 1 - A Highly Critical Issue – multiple users impacted by performance or access issues, or the site is unreachable
    < 30 minutes

  • Severity 2 - A Moderately Critical and Time-Sensitive Issue - Immediate impact on guest operations - Appointments, Invoice, or Guest related issue
    < 2 hours

  • Severity 3 - A Non-Critical Issue or General Question
    same day

*-Customers on premium support agreements have different SLA's.

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