All Zenoti customers are eligible for telephonic support. You can receive support through inbound or outbound calls. Here's how:

Preferred method: If possible, initiate a chat conversation through the messenger and request a phone call. Please provide your phone number and, if necessary, any availability constraints.

Note: Initiating a call request through the messenger automatically provides us with important details such as your name, center, organization, and more - which avoids us having to collect this information by phone.

Alternate method: You are welcome to contact us directly by calling one of our regional support numbers. The list of numbers is below.

Note: if there is not a number listed for your region, we apologize that you may need to place a toll call. You are welcome to request an outbound call via the preferred method listed above, at no cost to you.


Support Number

Australia (Brisbane)

+61 261450267

Indonesia (Jakarta)

+62 2129887972

United Kingdom (Manchester)

+44 20 3966 8505

United States (Seattle)

+1 425 654 0445

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