This section allows your organization to customize the labels that appear across the CMA to suit the business and marketing needs of your business.

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > CX V3 template.

  3. In the Categories pane, click to expand the Labels section.

  4. For Labels , you can configure the following settings::

    • Review Price Disclaimer Text: Enter the text for review price disclaimer. This text appears appear during the booking of an appointment on the CMA. Enter a disclaimer text for service prices or service bookings.
      Example: Prices are subject to change based on the therapist you select.

    • Post Tip Thank you Message: Enter a thank you message that must after guests specify a tip.
      Example: Wow! Thank you for your tip!

    • Tip Message: Enter the text for a message that will prompt guests to add a tip for the services.
      Example: Would you like to add a tip?

    • Quickbook Tagline: The QuickBook panel on the CMA home screen displays the past five appointments and allows the geust to book anyone of the previous appointments in a single touch. Enter the text for a tagline that will appear above the Quickbook panel.
      Example: Book your regular services in a single click.

    • Appointment Cancellation Message: Enter the text for the appointment cancellation message.
      Example: Are you sure you want to cancel the appointment?

    • Logo Tagline: If your logo has a caption or a tagline, enter the text here. This text appears below the business logo.
      Example: Elevate your Everyday.

    • Finishing Services Label: Enter the label for finishing services.

      Example: Finishing touches

    • Cancellation Policy Label: Enter the label for your cancellation policy.

      Example: Cancellation

    • Appointments Label: Enter the label for your appointments.

    • Loyalty Details Label: Enter the name of the loyalty points.

      Example: Bliss Bucks

    • Center Label: Enter the label for your center.

      Example: Center, Studio, Retreat, Store

    • Add-on Label: Enter the label for add-ons.

      Example: Enhancement

      Note: Ensure that the label is in the singular form

    • Series Package Sales Label: Enter the label that will appear on the series package page.

      Example: Series Pack

    • Booking Button Label Enter the name of the booking button with this label setting.
      Example: Book Now, Book Here.

    • Mobile Number Sub-text: Enter a disclaimer text that you will display to your guests when they enter their mobile number while creating a guest profile on the Webstore.
      Example: “By providing your mobile number you agree to receive transactional messages when you book a service with us.”

    • Marketing Opt-in Consent: Enter the text for the consent text message.
      Example: I would like to sign up to receive text updates and promotions from Spa Bliss.

    • Cancellation Policy: If your business allows cancellation of appointments on the CMA, you can display a disclaimer text to your guests stating the terms and conditions for the appointment cancellation. Enter the cancellation policy text in this field.

    • About Us: Enter a description about the values, culture, and vision of your business.

    • Terms of Use: Enter the terms of use that the guest must abide by to avail your service.

    • Privacy Policy: Enter the text for the Privacy Policy of your business.

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