The two tracking options available in Facebook platform are:

Facebook Pixel

Using Facebook Pixel, you can track the following standard purchase events for the following user flows:

To set this up you must Install Facebook Pixel on your Webstore.

Note: In Apple devices using iOS 14 and later, apps in the App Store that engage in tracking requires user to opt into to allow data collection and sharing. To comply with this, Facebook has introduced Aggregated Event Measurement. To ensure that you can track web events from iOS 14 devices and later, you need to set up aggregated events for your Webstore.

Facebook pixel with Google Tag Manager

To track any other standard events other than purchase events in Facebook Pixel, or to track custom events, you must add your Facebook pixel to your Google Tag Manager account.

Note: You can use the invoice level details exposed in data layer to capture the values. If you require any specific data, contact Zenoti, and we will incorporate it in the data layer.

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