Disclaimer: Your Zenoti account has been upgraded with November 2021 features and enhancements.

We have exciting new features that will help you win more customers, increase revenue, and manage the holiday rush more efficiently.


And there's so much more! Go ahead, click the vertical that best describes your business to explore what’s new!

Appointment book just got a makeover!

The appointment book wears a fresh look. Our endeavor is to simply refresh your experience, without changing the way you work.

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An all-new Appointment Book for Zenoti Mobile!

The new Appointment Book on Zenoti Mobile comes with a sleek and modern interface, refined fonts, and a palette of cool-toned colors.

The interface has clean layouts, workflows, and navigation options, making it easier to complete common tasks and reduce the need for assistance.

For instance, here's a quick glance at the Calendar view.



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Powerful branding capabilities in CMA V3

Consumer Mobile App (CMA V3) elevates your guest experience, simplifies user flows and gives you branding options to match your business requirements.

CMA V3 comes with the following features:

  • Advanced branding and customization options

  • Modern, clean, consistent interface

  • Streamlined user workflows

  • Complete parity with CMA V2

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Take the guesswork out of business goal-setting with Benchmarks by Zenoti*

* Coming soon! Look out for announcements in early 2022.

Ever wish you could find out how your business performance stacks up to similar businesses, or even the industry as a whole? Now you can, with Benchmarks by Zenoti!

Just one tap unlocks the aggregate data of thousands of the world’s largest beauty and wellness businesses, bringing you the key insights you need to make savvy, strategic decisions about your business.

Whether you need to know how your company stacks up to others around the state or around the world, you can instantly access timely trends and game-changing insights such as: Average sale per customer and customer growth, pricing averages for your various services, comparative growth across segments and states, gift cards sales and rebooking rates, and even if businesses who offer memberships are growing faster than those that don’t.

Use Benchmarks to take the guesswork out of your goal-setting, identify opportunities for growth, and pinpoint where to focus your time and attention so you can move your business to the next level.

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