The new Appointment Book on Zenoti Mobile comes with a sleek and modern interface, refined fonts, and a palette of cool-toned colours.

The interface has clean layouts, workflows, and navigation options, making it easier to complete common tasks and reduce the need for assistance.

Note: Coming Soon!

The Point of Sale on Zenoti Mobile will be updated on similar lines with the new Appointment Book design.

You will have the choice to switch to the new Appointment Book interface at the centre level and Zenoti Mobile settings or continue to work with the default Appointment Book.

What’s changed

  • Tap an appointment to see a list of related actions, such as, modify or rebook an appointment, take payment, add invoice to a group bill, fill forms, etc.

  • An improved group booking interface to make the process smoother and faster!

  • An improved interface to book parallel services with a notification header specifying which services have been booked in an appointment.

  • View Today’s Summary; daily stats for the number of guests, appointments, open appointments and the total value of services in the calendar view.

Let’s explore the improvements in detail:

Login Screen

The new login page looks sleek and compact, enhanced to create an easy and no fuss log-in experience for the users.



Navigation Panel

The navigation panel on the left will allow you to navigate to different sections on Zenoti Mobile, check in for the day and log out from the application.



Tap the menu icon on the left to expand or scale down the navigation panel.

The navigation panel has upgraded icons for:

  • Appointments

  • Point of Sale

  • Dashboard

  • Settings

List View

We designed the list view to let you see all important information about the guest in one place. You can see the icons upfront, without going into the appointment details. Other information such as guest contact information, booking details, service status, appointment colours, guest notes, sort/filter and the option to switch between list view and calendar view, are visible and clearly placed within a compact design.



Calendar View

The calendar view has some changes. Here you can book and move appointments around with a few simple steps. The front-desk staff can use the calendar view to quickly change the status of appointments, see which therapists are available, collect payments, print receipts and get a gist of how the workday looks.



Context Menu

The context menu has an in-built intelligence and makes navigation easy for the front-desk staff.

Tap an appointment in the calendar view to open the context menu to take actions related to the appointment. The options you see on the menu for a new appointment and or a completed appointment vary and are indicative of the next steps.

Context menu actions

You can take the following actions via the context menu:

  1. Access guest profile.

  2. View guest information - guest name, contact information, and guest indicators. Here you can also view the loyalty tier icon that lets you know if the guest is a part of a loyalty program.

  3. View service details – service name, start and end time, therapist name.

  4. Change appointment status – Check-in, Start, Complete, Undo Confirm, Cancel, No Show.

  5. Modify the appointment.

  6. More related appointment options – rebook the appointment.

  7. View more details of the appointment - notes, virtual appointment details.

  8. Take payment – this launches the Point of Sale. If the payment for an appointment is complete, this button will change to Show Invoice and allow you to view the closed invoice.

  9. Add the invoice to a group bill.

  10. Open forms.


The filters option allows you to filter appointments by status, therapist, virtual appointment details and view block out time for therapists.



Today’s Summary

Tap the arrow at the bottom of the calendar view to expand Today’s summary. The summary shows you the number of total guests, total appointments, open appointments, the total value of services sold in the day.

Group Booking

We have simplified the Group Booking process to give the user and the guests an optimum booking experience and reduced wait time.

The front-desk staff can navigate swiftly between the group members with a simple tap to see all their visible tags, history, notes, and profile. They can also customize add-ons as per each guest’s requests, enter notes, add virtual appointments, change the status of services, and collect payments.



Guest Search

The new guest search is clean, intuitive, and easy to use with the most frequent actions available upfront based on the status of the guest’s appointment.



Booking Wizard

The desktop version of the booking wizard will replace the default booking page on Zenoti Mobile. You can use the Booking Wizard to:




1. How can I switch to the new Appointment Book on Zenoti Mobile?
You can switch to the new Appointment Book by changing the Admin center-level setting and Zenoti Mobile settings. You have the option to opt-in for both the new Appointment Book and Point of Sale V2 separately.

To enable the new Appointment Book on desktop

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers.

  3. Go to the Settings tab.

  4. Expand the Zenoti Mobile section.

  5. Select Enable Zenoti Mobile V2.

  6. Select Appointment.

To enable the new Appointment Book on Zenoti Mobile

1. Open Zenoti Mobile app on your tablet.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Tap Zenoti Mobile V2.
3. Select Appointment.

Note: If you enable the new Appointment Book, the Point of Sale will be automatically enabled for your center and it cannot be unselected.

2. Can businesses using Zenoti Mobile V1 choose to switch to the new Appointment Book?
No, a center will have to switch to Zenoti Mobile V2 to opt-in for both the new Appointment Book and Point of Sale V2.

3. Will users have to update to a new version of Zenoti Mobile application to get the changes?
Yes, an update to the latest Zenoti Mobile app version is required to see the changes.

4. Can a center use redesigned Point of Sale without the new Appointment Book interface as they currently do today?
Yes, existing users of Zenoti Mobile V2 can continue to use only the redesigned Point of Sale. It is not mandatory for them to use the new appointment book.

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