This dashboard gives you a comprehensive understanding of how your memberships are performing. It also helps you to identify guests who are ideal for membership upsell based on their use of services.

To view the Membership Metrics dashboard

1. At the organization level, go to the Analytics tab.
The Analytics page appears.

2. On the Analytics Express tab, click Membership Metrics.
The dashboard appears on a new tab or window.

By default, the dashboard shows you the data for all the centers to which you have permissions.

To filter your dashboard data

The filters help you focus on the data that is important to you.


Lets you filter the data to see information about all, one, or a set of centers.

View By

Lets you set the durations by which you want to compare the data. The available options are - Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year.

Time Period

Lets you set the durations for which you want to compare the data. The available options are - WTD (week-to-date), MTD (month-to-date), Previous Month, QTD (quarter-to-date), YTD (year-to-date), and Custom (lets you set the start date and end date for the dashboard).

To learn how to save filters and customize your default view, refer to

Anatomy of the Dashboard

At the top of the dashboard, you get a macro-level view of how the memberships are performing. On the bar you see:

· Total collections from memberships

· Percentage of total collections made up by memberships

· Percentage of non-members who bought memberships

Membership Collections and Redemptions

The below section shows how your Memberships Collections and Membership Redemptions are trending. The left side graph shows your Memberships collections inclusive or exclusive of tax. The right graph shows your redemptions and payments done in the invoice through Memberships Credits and Membership Benefits.

Membership Status

This section of the dashboard gives you the count of the Memberships for a particular status based on the selected time period. It gives information about how many active memberships were there as of the starting of the time period and how many got frozen/suspended/cancelled/expired/newly-activated in the time period and at the end of the time period how many are active.

It also shows how many Members are active as of the start and end date of the selected time period.

Memberships Sold

This section helps you identify your top-selling memberships, which then helps you identify which memberships you want to focus on to improve sales. The graph also shows you which of your employees is selling the most number of memberships.

Member Conversion

This section shows you the percentage of guests who were not having any active membership and purchased a membership within the selected time period. It breaks up this number between existing guests and new guests. You can use the View By list to see this by month or by day.

Guests Ideal for Upsell of Memberships

This section identifies guests who have never purchased memberships but have visited you frequently in the last 1 year. Using the drop down, you can filter the list to show you guests who visited you at least 3, 6, 9, and 12 times in the last 1 year. The table shows how many times they used a particular service from each service category. This information will help you identify guests who are ideal for membership upsell. It will help you identify which memberships will match their use of your services.

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